They make me happy!

Who are they? My friends of course! Who else can make you happy – the way your friends can?

Today I meet up with a really good friend called FD. FD and I went for a coffee at Costa, but even before we had got to the coffee shop we were chatting, questioning, spilling truths and laughing.

As I didn’t have any money FD paid, and so I didn’t feel awkward she reminded me that many times in the past 4 years I had treated her. I thought about this, and realised that helping FD has been a pleasure – all I used to do was pick her up in the mornings when we were both going to our job.

FD and I met at work and we immediately gelled, we were both studying and it felt like we understood each other’s stresses; although FD already had her degree and was working towards a masters degree! A smart cookie.

As we worked during the weekend, we were glad to have each other’s company – it was a horrible journey to work. No one else was ever around, the streets were completely empty. No other idiot was out at 8.15am on a Sunday morning for minimum wage. During the summer it was cold at that time of day, and when it was warm and sunny we were even more miserable. We would be cooped up in an air-conditioned office. That crappy job brought us together and for three years we continued to cheer each other up, and would crack up about so many silly things, laughing together on the way there and back. Bitching about the terrible customers, and giggling about how sad these people were!

Surprisingly our ages are different, so I’m not someone FD would normally hang out with, which makes this friendship even more special. She’s my eldest girl’s age, and I’m lucky enough to be close to my daughter too. I consider myself very fortunate to be part of their lives and having these two amazing young women as friends is something I cherish.

Tonight I feel happy, and really enjoyed my day with such a wonderful friend; which confirmed to me that “they” really do make life better.

Thanks FD ūüíú

What a BFF!

Just got back from coffee with my fabulous friend Janet who I met at Uni 4 years ago. We have been friends ever since, through thick and more thick, and a few thins!

She’s been a really good mate, we’ve sat sometimes, when I’ve been in a real mess, and talked it all through. She has a sensible head on intelligent and emotionally mature shoulders and has advice too. Although she is able to just listen and offer comfort without solutions. University is a tough place and everyday life is difficult sometimes. All through the last 4 yrs Janet’s been a solid rock, someone who is obtainable and ever present.

It’s not all one way though, I’ve had the opportunity to be a friend to her on occasions. Just as my life can be chaotic so sometimes can hers and I’ve been there to help pick up the pieces. I’ve always found it easy to want to help her, never getting that crappy feeling that I’ve wasted my time, but always left with the feeling that she was worth the effort, time ¬†and whatever else has been offered.

But its not all doom and gloom, we laugh, I mean really laugh sometimes, well actually all the time. Our sense of humours are similar and we thrive off each others comedy, seeing things no one else can see, laughing sometimes uncontrollably.  I have gone home on many occasions with mascara running, still laughing in the car on the way home after we have left each other. We seem to have a knack of getting ourselves into scraps that end in hilarity.

A few weeks ago I felt so proud of janet too. She came second in a writing competition, her story won her a cash prize and a full double page spread in the newspaper. I hope this gives her the confidence to carry on writing because she certainly has a talent for it. Her story was intriguing, and all the stories I have read of Janet’s have been good. She can write a story which comes around in a full circle. Her endings are always good, with mystery and intrigue which takes some thinking about. This to me is a good writer, someone who can make you walk away thinking about what you have read.

Janet has been a really good friend for the last 4 years and I hope that there are many more years to come of laughter, emotional support and above all friendship.

Do you have a best friend who makes life that bit easier for you? Janet has been such an inspiring and courageous person, I admire her grit and determination to do the right thing.

Her motherhood has been hard but her son is a credit to her. He is matured into a fantastic man, intelligent, fun, kind, thoughtful, and hard-working. He is proud of his mum, it is obvious to see and I think the world of him.

Thanks Janet, for being my BFF…

Cambridge – What an interesting place

Having weekends off is just about the best thing ever.  Since I finished working weekends a couple of weeks ago I have done something each day. Today we went to Cambridge to take Connor to his samba band, Arco Iris, who were busking around Cambridge for the afternoon.

So me and my partner Jean-paul said we would drive him there and while he was drumming around Cambridge we would do a little exploring, we had not been there for many years.  I had forgotten what a beautiful place it is.  The buildings are old, very cultural and well kept.  There are building sites in and around the city but no derelict places, or eyesores.


Christ Church Cambridge

It’s a very old place too, there was a beautiful classical building which houses Cambridge’s treasures. ¬†This huge place was fronted by a huge amount of pillars which stood at least 25 feet. ¬†It was a place we really wanted to go into but ran out of time, but we had wandered around for nearly 2 hours, went into a few shops, I bought a cosy knitted scarf from SuperDry. ¬†There were lots of clothes we could have bought but decided not to allow ourselves to be impulse buyers, so I just stuck with the scarf and felt very happy with my purchase. ¬†JP said it looks great with my new haircut, and I love it too. ¬†upload8492786348358275876

It feels good to be able to afford something with a bit of quality about it. This scarf is so thick, it kept my little ears warm.  The weather today was really cold, the ice was still in the puddles in the afternoon, I know because I nearly slipped over and made a tit of myself!

One last thing I would like to say about Cambridge is that the people are really nice. ¬†We have traveled to Norwich on several occasions when Connor was in Norwich Samba, and although the band were all lovely to him, the people of Norwich were not very chatty, quite miserable, and the shop assistants were grumpy as hell. ¬†Cambridge is totally different. ¬†All the shop assistants were polite, kind and extremely helpful. ¬†Anyone who bumped into us said sorry, we said sorry back. ¬†If we walked in front of a bike they didn’t curse or get annoyed but just nodded in recognition that we are idiots!


Connor & Band in the distance

Thanks Cambridge for a good day out, we ate yummy food, JP had a burger which cost ¬£6. ¬†I know costly right, but he did say it was the best burger he has ever had. ¬†And he knows his burgers! ¬†I had a cappuccino and a warmed almond and chocolate muffin, equally good from the Jamaica Place (it’s called something like that?).

We said we hope to go back soon to go in all the other shops we didn’t get a chance to go in.













2nd Week at Work

I cannot believe it is already the end of Monday, in my second week at work. ¬†Where did the day go? ¬†Work is so interesting and there is so much to learn that I don’t have time to get bored. ¬†Today I learnt more of my new job, and found it fascinating how marketing works, the stuff it involves and the information I have available.

Marketing is new to me so it is a subject I have a lot to learn. ¬†This makes me happy because it means I won’t have time to get bored, as boredom is my worst enemy. ¬†When I was in the call centre I used to get so bored and frustrated with the lack of variety in my job. ¬†I know it was just a job to tide me over until I finished university, but oh God! it used to drive me mad.


Bored At Work!

The job was so repetitive and dull that I really did get to a point where I just couldn’t be bothered, and I would still do more work than some? ¬†So now that I am in my new role I feel full of enthusiasm and excitement to see what’s new and what am I doing today? ¬†The job has a wide variety of tasks to perform on a weekly, monthly and annual basis, but the information collected can be investigated and researched. ¬†This means that you have to work out what is going on and why something has happened, this means that it won’t get boring because there is always going to be something to check out.


Bored At Work!

I really like the people I work with and for, they are a good bunch and I feel I have fitted in quite nicely. ¬†I hope they feel the same? ¬†I can’t say! ¬†I miss my friends in the call centre but make a point to have lunch with them. ¬†Especially Karen and Laura who are very dear to me. ¬†I am also meeting Brenda for a coffee soon, she is another friend I have made that I am reluctant to give up so will go out of my way to see her from month to month.


Me and Karen, Me and Brenda and M and Karen again as I don’t have one of Laura and I. ¬†Which is a shame so I will have to get a selfie on Friday when I see her at lunch.

These pictures were taken at our Christmas Do – it was a really good fun night.