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I’ve always wanted to make a patchwork quilt for our bed, and now I’ve got the material squares and bought myself a cheap new sewing machine. I’d have loved to have been able to spend more but this seems to fit right now. 

I’ve begun by pinning and adding a running stitch to each square. I’ve used the coloured squares I don’t need to make a small cover for the machine. This is a good way to practice before going on to the proper quilt. 

Who knows?

Who knows who they are or what they’re about?

Who cares what their name is or even when they shout?

Who lives by the rules that others create? Or even by their own rules started in a debate?

One wonders if life is as much fun as they say? Or is it all blindness that makes us obey?

I care if you scream and if you shout.

I care if your journeys got harder the longer you wait! 

Remember your travels begin with one step. And that life’s got a way of working it out! 

Gonna work on this one and see how much I can change it to make it better with some edits. Thanks for reading my crap! I appreciate it 😊

Homemade Spices – 3 Ways

The Young Gardener

Happy new year everyone! I’m slowly getting over the festive season hype and hitting the ground running on work, projects and most excitingly, my garden for 2016.

Whilst the weather is still mild I’m out refreshing the compost bin, preparing my delicate infant plants for the snow (we can only hope, says the inner child in me) and tending to my winter flowers. I’m also thinking about new additions to the garden for spring time and have already bought a heap of flower and vegetable seeds to begin sowing in the coming months.

However, there’s not a whole bunch to do in the garden at the minute, apart from preparation, therefore I’m spending more time in the kitchen using up bits n’ pieces from the garden last year (still feels weird to call it last year)!

At the beginning of December I picked all my remaining chili plants (‘Cheyenne’…

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The Benefits of a Duvet Day!

It’s Christmas time again and while everyone else is gearing up for some leisure time students everywhere are stressing over looming deadlines, and tripping over that stack of books to be read before the new term. 

So I am suggesting all the students who read this enjoy at least 1 duvet day.  More if you can spare it; but at least 1. 

Relaxing, forgetting everything for 1 day will do you the power of good. Watching a crappy film, reading something for fun! Or just lazing in bed.   All these past times will help to de-stress and bring it all back into perspective. 

I’ve taken a few well-earned days off, and am relaxing watching Star Wars right through. What are you guys up to?

Happy holidays everyone – next year is going to be a good one!  For me it’s an ending and a beginning – what could be more exciting than that?  And for you all I wish you peace, harmony and happiness. 

Join Me On TSU: The Hottest Social Media Platform On The Web

Have joined up and it looks like fun…



Recently TSU has come up as one of the biggest names going head to head with FB right now. With the social media site being able to grow their membership into the millions over the past 2 years. Currently upgrades have allowed members to access such cool tools like GIF files (Instagram Style), Groups (FB Style) with well known Charities that people can access if they are into donating earnings made with their page.

Lately the web has been begging for something new to come along and steal the show. I have always been on the look out for such a platform just in case I would be forced to transition into the new norm. From what has been seen most people who have joined here were looking for the same. At first used for marketing which can still be accessed with the latest additions. But lately also used…

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Create great copy: Things to remember

Hannah Hager

Who says that writers don’t know science? Writing is a science! If it weren’t, then anything that was ever written for marketing or advertising purposes would do its job and make you fast cash.

Know your audience.

The more you know, the better targeted and relevant your copy will be. Ask yourself:

  • —What does their everyday life look like? Who do they work with? What websites do they read?
  • —What are they passionate about? Hobbies?
  • —What past products/services have they purchased and how does your offering compare? Once this is identified, however, it’s ineffective to use comparison words in the copy itself. For instance, instead of saying “Our vacuum cleaner is better than the common household brand.” You identify how it is better, ie., “Our vacuum cleaner has five times the suction as other brands.” Now you’re showing them, not just telling them.

Identify key motivators.

A gerund is a noun acting as a verb. It ends in A gerund is a noun acting…

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