I’m soon to be an SEO executive. How cool is that?

But. I hear there are many more steps to the top. 

SEO manager, SEO director, SEO dictator, SEO prime minister, SEO president, SEO god. 

So I’ve a way to go yet. Am happy to get on the SEO ladder! 


skills I am learning at work experience

Using the database, adding copy written by others into the database, entails checking spelling, copying in the database and saving.
Proofreading, I am good at this as I have good attention to detail, it is an important tool to have as a writer as it helps when editing or proofreading my own work.  I is easier to proofread other peoples work though.  Once you begin to proofread your own work it all becomes a blur after awhile.
writing articles, i am doing this and loving it.

SEO training, writing for the website and making sure search terms are incorporated.

HTML coding, adding the content written to the website on HMC