I don’t know about you – but I get fed up of hearing when someone’s got a week off. I’ve still got to go to work there’s no half-term when you’re at work! 

I know you’re probably thinking I’m mean? What a grumpy cow! But I’m not, normally, I’m happy for people to have holidays. Although, I don’t want to hear about it every 5 minutes. 

Work doesn’t stop every few weeks to have a break – I get 16 days & Christmas time off. 

That’s bloody ages away! I’m very tired & all I want is a week off. But no! I’ve got to wait because I only get 3 weeks a year. A bloody year – that’s such a wait to rest & chill out. 

So please don’t think I want to hear about your holiday more than twice…  okay? 


Time & Effort 

My time & effort has finally paid off – I’ve got a new job that I’m starting to enjoy. A hiccup for me at first. You’ve gotta remember I’ve been at T&M for a few years so I got comfortable. That’s not a bad thing that I moved jobs. I guess!

I really thought that I wasn’t any good at this job. Even though I’ve only been there 2 and a half weeks. However my boss told me today that I’m doing fine and to stop wasting my time & effort on worrying. Especially as it is stopping me from going to sleep. 

So that’s what I’m gonna do…