Better late than never!

Sorry, sorry, sorry, to my thousands of readers who have missed my wonderful blog! Okay okay I know there are only a handful of people who read this stuff but I am sorry to you all.

Apologies over – so why am I sorry? Because I have totally neglected to blog since Easter, which was ages ago.  I have finished my English degree and am now just waiting for the results. I am so worried my dissertation wasn’t good enough, or I didn’t follow the criteria right etc. etc. etc…

Im sure you’re all wondering “what has Wendie been up to then, if she has finished her degree?”

I finished my degree on 6th May, and as I have been working 3 days a week since January my managers have been waiting for me to finish so I can then go full time.  So I started full time at my marketing job. Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. I thought I would find it hard to work full time, and I have to admit I am tired, but I love this job.

The job is full of variety, full of fun things to do, full of challenges. It is such a good job, and I know I could only get a job like that because I have a degree (or nearly). These types of jobs don’t come along that much, and this one is just perfect for me.  I not only manage the social media for T&M but I also investigate stats and collate them for managers to use to make decisions. I also help with a/b testing and make decisions on changes to our websites. I write blogs, I manage others who write blogs, I write SEO. There is so much that I do and it is all new to me. This makes it an excellent challenge.

I do have to admit that I am finding evenings a little weird. Where I have been working and studying, but all of a sudden there is no more studying to do. After nearly 4 years of doing this it feels rather empty. I know I could sit on Facebook, but thats not my thing really. I like doing it a little but not sitting on it for ages. I am now learning HTML so am hoping that will keep me busy for a wee while.

Thanks for reading and I promise to blog more often.