I’ve got something!

Yes I have!  I’ve got 2,000 words in my literature review and 2,000 towards my first chapter. for my 10,000 word dissertation. I’m happy and will continue working hard, the submission date is the end of April.
Ive emailed my lit review to my supervisor for her to red pen it all! And she will. But that’s fine cos she always makes it better.  I have to say I trust her to help me make this the best I can do.

My ideal spot!

My ideal spot

I’ve got so many ideas, and at the moment I’m just writing furiously. I’m going to add notes to say which quote I want to go there, but am not worrying about quotes unless the whole sentence is centred around it…

I’m hoping having lots to edit will pay off. Stuff like terminology, quotes etc. can be added when editing, and I have lots of notes to keep referring too.

Feel fairly confident that I will get this last push done and have an English degree. Woohoo!



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