I know I should be writing!

University hasn’t started back yet but I know I should be doing more on my dissertation, and reading my Intercultural Communication book.  I will pay for it in April when all the essays and dissertations are due in.  But I just don’t have a) the time and b) the inclination to do it.  I have to keep saying to myself – “how much do you want this degree?”  “It’s nearly over and you only have a few months left.”  “You’ll be so proud of yourself when you do get this degree.”

The thing is I didn’t finish last year due to illness, so although I completed a good part of the modules I still have 3 left. 3 bloody hard ones too. All my friends have gone, and graduated this year, and although there are some really nice people in the year I am now in, I don’t know them very well and don’t feel a part of any friendships.  It gets lonely when I am there, where it used to be that I couldn’t get to see half the friends I wanted to. As I am only doing 3 modules too I am not in class the same amount as the other students.


Happy place.


But, and its a big butt!  I do want this degree more than anything else right now.  I really feel like it would be one of my lifes achievements. I know I will be very pleased when it’s done but for now I just wanna forget it and carry on with my lovely new job.  Working an extra day has also impacted on my time.  And especially as it is a whole new career move, which means learning everything from scratch really.

Having just read through what I have written it occurs to me that I like it when I find something new to do, but when I have been doing something for a long time I get bored of it.  So I need to see uni as a place that I will find out new things and complete my further education and end with an English Degree from UCS in Ipswich.  What could be more cool than that?



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