I Really Love My New Job!

I cannot believe how happy I feel at the moment!  Why do I feel this way?  It is because I’m loving my new job.  I mean really enjoying the work I do…What is going on?

Today I wrote a blog on roses, to add a spin on it I wrote about Valentine’s Day, it is called: Roses on Valentine’s Day – What is your favourite?

I scheduled quite a few Facebook posts for the next few days, I have totally free reign on what content I include.  When we have a sale or special promotion I have to  include those but otherwise I choose from the vast bank of information there is on the Thompson & Morgan website.  There is so much to write about and it is so interesting and an enjoyable subject to research.

Research is, if I am truthful, the best part of my job.  I get a kick out of researching and investigating a subject in order to write about it.  My information has to be 100% correct so I often ask my colleagues if it is a difficult horticultural subject, there are a few who really know their stuff, and there are plenty more who have very good basic knowledge.  They are  always happy to help too, so it isn’t a problem to ask.

The colleagues I work with have just allowed me to fit in easily, almost like I have been there for more than a week and a half!  Because I did the work experience first I was able to  meet almost everyone in my new office,  I had the chance to speak to some of them and became friendly with a few of the.  Now I have had time to integrate myself because I am working with them and I have to say I find them all really decent people.  I couldn’t think of anyone of them that I think – owhh! I don’t think I’ll bother with them, or anything of the sort.  They are all good people who are hard working and conscientious.  This is such fab news and the reason why I am so happy.

Work and Life are going well, Uni hasn’t started but I only have a small amount of time left.  Yes it will be stressful and hard work but I am determined to get this bloody degree even if it nearly kills me!!  Lets hope it doesn’t do that, I am enjoying life too much.

2016 has been good to me so far.  How have you faired?  Is life treating you well or is it being a total B@*£H?







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