Day 10 Work Experience

Last Day of Work Experience – Day 10

Wow!  I have finally finished my work experience at Thompson & Morgan.  I have done 10 days in the Direct Marketing Department, with Holly Taylor as my line manager and Clare Dixey as my manager.  And to be honest I couldn’t have asked for 2 better managers.  They are both really lovely, clever, knowledgeable and, they advise without being bossy, they coax me to do my best and to open up and be creative.

I really thought I was going to miss Sue Sanderson,  and I do.  But Holly has made life comfortable for me, and made the transition from being on work experience to functioning in my new role as e-commerce marketing assistant; to give it it’s correct title, easy and fun.  Sue hasn’t yet had her baby but I know it is imminent.

It seems that the new department I am in, or as I like to call it “El Dorado” is full of nice people, with kind dispositions.  I’m not saying that I will agree with everything they say, or be this happy every single day of my working life at T&M; but I do know that at the moment I feel very welcomed to the department, enthusiastic about my new job, and just a bit excited to get really stuck in!

El Dorado

El Dorado

It’s my last day tomorrow of my first week in my new job and what a week it has been.  Monday and Wednesday I was non-stop doing social media posts for FB for 2 companies, Twitter for T&M, thinking up things to put in those posts and learning about my new roles.  Believe me there is so much to learn, I am using loads of different programs to enhance my job, Photoshop is one that I am learning to use. Some of the programs and tools I use are not for others consumption,  I consider some of the stuff I do as sensitive and will be keeping it to myself (sadly I don’t work for MI5 though!).

Today the Direct Marketing Team, 27 of us, went to the Bedstead Brook Hotel for a day of team building exercises and presentations for the managers of each sub-department.  Holly did a presentation and she was really good, even though she was nervous you would never have known it.  She is very knowledgeable about her subject and I feel that I have a good mentor/manager.  I am going to learn a lot from her, and am already doing so. The other managers in the department also had to present their ideas for new business and a description of their job and the role it features in the wider company.

The presentations were great, informative and showed that there are some very talented and driven people in my new department, although it was refreshing to see that they too were nervous and it isn’t just me who gets anxious before giving a presentation.

I have to say that I have really enjoyed my first few days, and am going to make the most of this fab opportunity.  Grasping it with 2 hands, with bells on!  It has been a long day, I am quite tired but I just wanted to say thank you to Clare and Holly; and not forgetting Sue who was such a brilliant person when i first started my work experience way back in October.  These and all the other team members have made me feel welcome and wanted.

Thanks T&M


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