The Benefits of a Duvet Day!

It’s Christmas time again and while everyone else is gearing up for some leisure time students everywhere are stressing over looming deadlines, and tripping over that stack of books to be read before the new term. 

So I am suggesting all the students who read this enjoy at least 1 duvet day.  More if you can spare it; but at least 1. 

Relaxing, forgetting everything for 1 day will do you the power of good. Watching a crappy film, reading something for fun! Or just lazing in bed.   All these past times will help to de-stress and bring it all back into perspective. 

I’ve taken a few well-earned days off, and am relaxing watching Star Wars right through. What are you guys up to?

Happy holidays everyone – next year is going to be a good one!  For me it’s an ending and a beginning – what could be more exciting than that?  And for you all I wish you peace, harmony and happiness. 


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