Week 9 Work Experience

So this week was all about getting to know my new job.  I was shown how to choose a new post to go on the Facebook page.  I chose a couple of subjects and published them.  It was not too difficult but writing around the posts was something I will have to get used to.

I wrote a blog post too.  It was the top Top 5 Hanging Basket Plants  for the spring.  It was a fun article to write and this means I now have 2 articles on the website already, and I will be adding to Facebook and twitter on a daily basis.

I also heard back from the editor of the East Anglian Daily Times.  I sent her a story a month ago and she came back to me and asked if I have any pictures.  I sent a couple of pics of the cat.  So my story will go on pets corner in the near future.  How cool is that!

So I am published in print and online now.  This is a good day!




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