Week 8 Phew!

So I am now part of the furniture at T&M’s E-Commerce Dept. and even the grumpy fellas who ignored me in the beginning say ‘Morning’ to me!  I’m like Whaaaa!

So now I feel like I am settled in and could hang around the office, writing little  bits of SEO, doing some blogging, writing articles for the social media pages we have, and I only have 2 days left!  No what am I gonna do?

It has been such an interesting time, and I have learnt so so much it is incredible.  I wouldn’t say it is a place for me to be a loud sod, but it is a place where I can be my-quiet introvert-self, have a good job and enjoy working for a decent company that seems to try and look after their staff.

I work upstairs in the call centre and it is very different, it is loud, lively and there are some fantastic friends there.  I am lucky to have worked there but I won’t be staying at the call centre after my degree is finished.  It drives me mad with moaning customers who you can never please, who seem to think they deserve compensation for having a damaged plant!

Well its been busy, I wrote quite a few SEO paragraphs and can see a marked improvement, before I wrote too much and if I remember Sue said ‘pepper it’.  Cant believe she has gone on maternity leave.  I bought her a card and chocs cos she has been one of the nicest people I have ever met, she was so kind to me, made me feel so welcome.  She is a top girl and I know she will be sadly missed for a year…



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