TSU & Finishing Uni

I have joined a new social media site TSU a site that values original content, not just shared stuff from others or pretty pictures with inspiring words and birthday wishes to everyone you’ve ever friend’d!  Don’t get me wrong I love Facebook as much as the next blogger but I wanted something new and fresh, a place to put my pictures and thoughts with people I don’t know.  To also look and enjoy their pictures, comments, and hashtags. Twitter is great but it’s not like this site.

TSU has about 2 million followers so its not tini-tiny!  My favourite thing is the fantastic and exotic pictures of the places people live.  Oh my word, there are some beautiful places in this world, I can’t wait to explore some of them.

It’s not just looking at pretty pictures of original content, you can earn money too.  If I’m honest I haven’t read the terms & conditions to making money, but I am sure when I have a few minutes I will.

Although I am so snowed under atm with essays and writing tasks, copywriting and living to do that I barely have time to go to work!  (Oh I wish).   But when uni is finished I can browse magazines, read books that don’t have 2 titles and 6 editors to cite every time you want to use a word or two.  It’s going to be great.

I really want to go on holiday, to somewhere hot.  But it’s gotta be cultural so we can get out of the heat in a nice friendly museum or old church, art gallery or botanical gardens.  Anything that can entertain while we bum about in the sunshine.  Barcelona sounds like a great place.  How the hell did I get onto this?

Blogging is fun cos you can just keep writing!!













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