What A Busy Week

This week has nearly ended and I want to reflect on the events in it.  I do have to work with other poor souls, such as The Young Gardener , all weekend.  Our role is to help customers and take their orders.  It’s okay as a job but I think Karen (The Young Gardener) & I are ready for a new challenge, something we both are interested in; and I am sure Karen would agree.  I love English and she loves Dancing.  We are the English Prancers!  Oh come on that is pathetic.  Any better ideas please put them at the bottom of the page.

I digress!  Work experience was informative and engaging.  I spent all day writing metadescriptions and copy for one of the websites, it was fun.  Imagine if I had a job where all my day all I had to do was research and then write copy!  Oh wouldn’t that be a blast?  This work experience has really been a shining example of what work experience should be and should achieve.

The horrific presentation wasn’t so good!  In fact is was s.h.i.t…

The less said the better!

Actually it wasn’t so bad, I read from a bit of paper, didn’t look at anyone and kept my head down.  I’m not sure but I think that is not the correct way to present yourself in front of your classmates?  But I did it and believe me I had to talk myself down from the back of the kitchen cupboard to even go to uni I shouted to myself, “do I want this bloody degree?”  If Yes then get to university and do a simple blooming presentation.  If No, then put back on pyjama’s and never forgive oneself for allowing such stupidity to rule what is actually a fairly good little old life.

I went, and after reading the presentation to about 2/3 of the way through I said “thats all I want to say on that subject!”  How bloody random was that?  Then everyone started asking questions and it is here I actually became a bit more forward looking, and after emailing my tutor she said that I talked with “conviction about the subject and its obvious I know what i am talking about”.  Which was comforting.

Something Gill (tutor) said while questioning me was “Could the text be seen as a postmodern text?”  “What makes Catch-22 postmodern, as opposed to Modernist?

This has given me an idea and a starting point to write from.  With this dissertation I have always struggled to find an argument.  The bane of every English students life, finding the bloody argument.  I am not sure if other students have to do this, says for nursing or maths but for English its all about the argument.  Something I am not great at!

What makes Catch-22 a postmodern novel? Good enough for me, so this is the title of my dissertation.  Oh! thank goodness.  The dissertation will consist of:

Literature Review, which is mostly done, is the same as the one I have already written as it’s other peoples criticism of Catch-22 and not just my opinions.

Chapter 1. What makes Catch-22 a postmodern novel? Find examples of p-m’ism in the novel, where it is fragmented beyond anything the Modernists did, find examples of where p-m’ism is and analysis each word and phrase. Find all the p-m stuff and analysis the crap out of it…. Dig deep hehe!!

Chapter 2.  Why is Catch-22 still a novel that is significant today? Does it still highlight the injustice, elitism and absurdity of life?  I will be looking at the 99% as we call it, and seeing how life has not changed a bloody bit but actually got worse.  I hope to use some of Zizek’s essays and books with this.

Then a conclusion, just sum up what i have rambled on about for 10,000 words, and then write the critical review about all the changes and tears, tantrums and tiaras which happened while writing the dissertation.

And finally, I joined a new social media this week TSU- and I have to say I am having fun with it. I haven’t joined a new social media since instagram a year of so ago so this is good, to be there when it is getting bigger, seeing all the lovely people on it.  Make new and exciting friends and generally add more of my crap to another app on my phone.

So back to here; have a good weekend anyone who reads this and thanks, it has been emotional.



















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