Alan The Cat

Today I have submitted my first story to a newspaper.  I have written a story called Alan the cat.  Its’s about a cat called Alan! it is only short about 600 words, its funny and from the point of view of a snobby cat called Alan who has a rival for his neighbour Tina’s affections.

I am hoping that the editor of the East Anglian Daily Times  Liz Nice will publish in the  Pets Corner feature in the Evening Star our local daily newspaper.

When we visited the offices of the EADT a few weeks ago Liz Nice took us around the paper and gave us a tour.  She also spent time answering questions about journalism and the newspaper.  She said that if we wanted to we could submit stories for her to include in the newspaper feature.  So I thought why not!

I wrote a story while having a break from studying. It was very short, I read it to Paul who laughed at it and said it was good.  This was a few days ago, but I hadn’t forgotten about it, and this afternoon I wrote a few more lines and edited it.

Now it has been submitted, I haven’t had any feedback, lets hope she sees it, I am sure she gets so many emails.  Anyway it is out of my hands, so lets wait and see.  In the meantime I have written over 3,000 words for my dissertation, although many of them will be scrapped I think at least 1,000 will be usable.  Brilliant.



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