Thinking about Christmas time today, I realise that I have a really good Christmas calendar.  I have a Christmas meal to look forward to with my fathers side of the family.  Secret santa has been organised by my lovely step-mum, and we are only allowed to spend a pound.  Goodness knows what I will buy for the four people I have been chosen to get gifts for, but a cheeky visit to the Pound Shop is needed!

Christmas part time at work on the 18th December, a Bollywood themed party has been organised by T&M’s social committee.  After last nights Quiz Night success I think the Christmas Party is going to be a really good night out.

Christmas day my two lovely children will be joining us for dinner, and I have also included by best friend Janet and her lovely son Josh and his girlfriend Chloe.  We are going to make it a Christmas dinner to remember (I hope!), with all the trimmings and plenty of extras.  I am going to start getting the menu sorted out very soon.

So all in all this Christmas time seems to be a busy one and an exciting one, with family and friends to enjoy it with.



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