Last Few Months of University

Today I have a meeting with Antonella my university personal tutor.  She is also my supervisor for my dissertation.  But for today I am seeing her about how I am getting on at uni.

After all my classmates graduated last month, I have had to come to terms with the fact that I have not yet graduated.  The beginning of this year was a time of illness.  This is why I did not get to graduate with my friends.  It has taken time for me to get back into uni, I have not found it easy or enjoyable.

I miss Trudy, Jules, Stacy, Helen, Charlotte, Natasha and all the others who I got to know over the 3 years we spent together.  They have all moved on and I am still here.  I am sure you can tell I have felt quite sorry for myself!

Now I am full steam ahead, when I started uni I didn’t do an English degree for anyone else but me.  Now I have to get that attitude back and continue doing what I have been for 3 years.  I only have a few modules left, and I will be a graduate of UCS.  And I cannot wait, I am so proud of the fact I haven’t given up, thrown in the towel.  I have picked myself up, discussed it with friends such as The Young Gardener who I work with and consider a good friend.  She helped me to come to terms with the issues I had and move on from the sadness and disappointment I suffered from not getting to graduate.

So now I am going in to Uni, working on my dissertation, and working on completing the modules so I can put on my cap and gown and rejoice from the fact I am tenacious and strong!





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