Dissertation 1/6

My dissertation is coming up, and it is time to start writing it.  I am going to closely analyse Catch-22 a 1960s novel by Joseph Heller.  The novel is a story about a bombardier in the USArmy during World War 2; but the real subject of the novel is American society and the new modern world of capitalism, elitism, and war.

By viewing the novel as a social commentary I will be finding the examples in the text of where Heller means something other than the vehicle of the novel, WW2.

I am seeing my supervisor Antonella tomorrow at 4pm.  I have 2 hours between class and seeing her to look again at the text, find the passages I want to concentrate on.

The most important thing for me to remember right now is – don’t get lost in theorists but stick to the text, show I can understand the theory/and argument, I am trying to express.


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