4th Day Work Experience

I am enjoying this work experience more than I ever expected to.  Today I finally finished my Top Ten Greenhouse article which has taken a fair amount of research.  I added finishing touches to it with guidance from Sue who is a hive of information, which she is happy to share with me.  I have learnt so much from this work experience, things I will be able to add to the skills section of my CV.

My main task today was to write SEO copy for 2 of the main websites for T&M and VM (Van Meuwen).  The task was to write copy ‘peppered’ with seo search terms to practice writing to a brief.  I was given a list of terms I have to incorporate into my copy which has to make sense, as it will be no good and will be seen as spam.  I was also shown how the copy I write gets put onto the website by Terri, it is a system I use upstairs in the call centre but Terri used different parts of it, using HTML too, something I think I should learn more about.

By writing these terms into the copy it helps when people search these terms.  The higher up on the Google page we are the better.

It has been a great learning curve for me on this work ex.  Learning all about seo terms, H1, H2 and H3 terms, meta titles and meta description, all these terms are required if I want to be a good copywriter, all these things need to be remembered.

I really enjoy working in the e-commerce department, everyone is so friendly and helpful, I have been welcomed into the office, and staff have been able to find me very interesting and fun things to do.  I have been lucky to have been allowed to do my work ex in that department, and think T&M are a pretty neat company!


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