It’s just one line

AD Vantage Point

Okay.  Let’s talk about finding the line.

That is your job description as a copywriter.  I mean, copywriters do a lot more too, all very important, but ultimately the copywriter is responsible for finding the line that works, the line that gets peoples’ attention, the line that sticks in their head, the line that embodies the brand, the line that offends, captivates, excites, pulls, pushes, attracts, compliments, and anything in between.

The line is this crazy thing that seems so elusive so you spend forever trying to come up with it. You add suffixes and find synonyms and try alliteration and throw away all puns and eventually choose between way this and way that. Sometimes it pays off and you get one nice, crisp, clear line of copy. Other times you find yourself using a metaphor that only you understand because you’ve spent three days thinking about saying one thing and finally…

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