Copywriting tips – how to write better SEO

Christopher Berry - Professional Copywriter


Yes, SEO’s a headache. But it’s still a hugely important aspect of web copywriting. The reason it’s a headache is because SEO copywriting is something you have to learn, then a couple of years later, relearn. Google’s preferences are evolving and changing all the time, which means SEO writing has to change with it.

What is SEO? It stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”, i.e. writing content that gets your website found on Google and other search engines, and gets your pages higher in search results.

It used to mean writing for search engines. As in, writing specifically for Google’s ‘spiders’. Increasingly that is misleading advice. Now SEO is all about writing for people. I will explain by way of 5 tips for better SEO copywriting….

Tip 1 – Google wants long, fresh, natural content

When I started out as a freelance copywriter, one of the agencies in…

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