Don’t Forget To Be Happy

My partner has just reminded me of something, he just said, everyone who has a dream seems unhappy when they achieve it.  I want to be a writer, I am a writer, I get paid for my work, admittedly not thousands but this month I did okay, and I am complaining that I have too much to do and cannot do it all.  But I love writing and I am happy when I get to do it, so why am I complaining?  And it isn’t just me, other friends have reached goals and milestones and are not satisfied, worrying about other things and not really even acknowledging that they have done so well, when they should be pleased and proud.  Is it ambition that keeps us going? Or is it that we will never be happy?  Or both?

I am going to try and be more grateful and happy, not just about others but myself and the great things I achieve, I wanted to be a writer, and here I am writing…


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