Day 1 at Thompson & Morgan Work Experience

I have completed my first day of work experience at  Thompson & Morgan and I have to say it was great.

As I already work at T&M I didn’t have to worry about starting at a new place, but I was in a department I have never been in, doing work I have never done. So it was new, but I enjoyed it.  I learnt about SEOs (Search Engine Optimisation) and how the company essentially writes for 2 different markets.  Firstly the search engine, for example Google or Yahoo, and secondly for the customer.  It is important to get the balance right with the copy written, “a peppering” is how Sue explained it.  If you add in too many key words then you will be penalised by Google, who use algorithms to decide how far up the page  you will come.

We had a meeting on this, with 2 other employees who are going to be doing other tasks.  We also learned how to add information and copy to the database at T&M.  It is a large database so it is important to narrow your search down to find the products you want, and then add the copy which has been written by the outsourced copywriters, (of which I am one!).

I also added some copy from other writers into this database, it was good to know where my copy goes after I have submitted it.

After lunch my next task it to write an article for the website.  I am going to be finding the top 10 greenhouses, so the first part of this is to research the greenhouses we have on the website and find 10 with different things about them.  I will be continuing this next week.

All in all I enjoyed myself.  Sue was extremely nice to me, made me feel welcome and although I felt as if I had made her job harder she said I had helped.  Next week I will try and be more productive and less intrusive to her day.


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